Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jazz Record Mart, in Chicago, is f*#%ing awesome!

Dear Jazz Record Mart, in Chicago, on 27 E. Illinois Steet.

Please forgive me for not remembering you these last few years; when discussions of best record stores came up, and I always endorsed the usual west coast suspects such as Amoeba and Everyday Music... Now I love those 2 stores, and Rasputin, Silver Platters, Easy Street, and Reckless Records are all great stores too; but I bet the farm there isn't a record/cd store on the planet (including Amoeba) with the selection of jazz and blues music (especially blues), available on both cd and vinyl, that Jazz Record Mart keeps in stock!

I was in your fine establishment on Friday July 2nd (1st time in a decade), and had to pull myself away within 45 minutes, otherwise I would be missing my rent and car payment this month. Not only is JRM's selection of music mind boggling, their staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful. No wonder this store still does business and has been run by the same owner for the last 40 years; while the trend of record/cd stores closing continues at a high rate in Chicago and elsewhere.

So next time somebody asks, my answer will be: My favorite record store is a tie, between Chicago's Jazz Record Mart (for their untouchable jazz/blues selection), and Amoeba Music in Hollywood; because man does not live on jazz and blues alone.

P.S. For the record, my quarry from JRM on Friday 7/2/2010
* Taj Mahal - Mo' Roots
* Taj Mahal - The Real Thing
* Herbie Mann - Stone Flute
* Brute Force (I'd never seen this, produced by Herbie Mann, with Sonny Sharrock on 3 tracks)
* Jack McDuff - Screamin' Brother Jack McDuff
* Joe Farrell - Moon Germs
* Joel Paterson & Modern Sounds - Hold it Fellas / Stomp Stomp
* Derek Trucks Band - Roadsongs
* 1 JRM / Chicago Blues t-shirt